Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Treatment Questions and Answers

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Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Treatment Near Me in Crown Point, IN
Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Treatment Near Me in Crown Point, IN

What treatment is used for stretch marks and wrinkles?

Stretch marks and wrinkles are treated using a form of micro-needling, combined with radio frequency technology, for a skin treatment called Morpheus8. This type of treatment is preferred over laser therapy as it has a lower risk of changes to the skin’s pigmentation, which can be a risk with other treatments. It works by stimulating collagen growth under the skin that will naturally start the anti-aging process and improve the patient’s complexion with a smoother skin texture and tightened skin. The patient’s skin will look smooth, firm and youthful without damage to the outer layer of skin. Radio frequency energy has been scientifically proven to rebuild collagen and fat, as well as reduce wrinkles. Combining radio frequency with micro-needling allows the energy to get to the cells deeper under the skin than other treatments, causing them to naturally renew and repair themselves with minimal damage to the other layer of skin.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive form of radio frequency micro-needling treatment used to tighten the skin by stimulating the body to increase collagen and elastin production, as well as leading to faster skin cell rejuvenation. The micro-needles penetrate deep into the skin, reaching the subdermal layer. Radio frequency is passed through the needles to the deeper layers of tissue to the dermis and epidermis, stimulating the collagen and elastin to rebuild and renew themselves with the application of a controlled level of heat. The stimulation of these cells will cause them to reorganize themselves in a natural anti-aging process through the revitalization of the collagen and elastin. This will cause the skin to appear smoother, tighter and more radiant with minimal damage to the outer layer of skin. The procedure will create micro lesions on the skin at the needle insertion sites, as well as some slight redness at the treatment area, but these will disappear within a week of treatment depending on the extent of the treatment. Downtime for Morpheus8 treatment is minimal due to the treatment happening under the skin’s surface and patients can resume their normal activities and skin care regime within a day or two of treatment.

How is Morpheus8 used for scarring stretch marks and wrinkles?

Through the combined process of micro-needling and radio frequency technology that makes up Morpheus8 treatment, the skin cells are stimulated to naturally renew and repair themselves. This will lead to smoother, tighter skin due to the increased production of collagen and elastin. Morpheus8 goes deeper into the skin than other micro-needling techniques, with the added benefit of the radio frequency technology applying a controlled level of heat to the collagen and elastin that can’t be achieved through any other method. With the combination of these two treatments into one, this procedure is superior to other treatments in the treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks. The micro-needling allows the radio frequency to reach further into the tissue layers and impact the dermis and epidermis, which provides optimal end results.

Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Treatment Near Me in Crown Point, IN

What are the benefits of Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is superior to other methods of radiofrequency treatments as it works by treating the skin for wrinkles and stretch marks below the skin’s surface, using the rejuvenation of the collagen and elastin to improve the skin’s appearance naturally. There is minimal downtime as the procedure is minimally invasive with the injection of micro-needles into the affected area. The stimulation of the collagen and elastin through the introduction of radio frequency to the dermis and epidermis increases production of these building blocks that will naturally heal and repair the skin from the inside out. Combining the use of micro-needling treatment with radio frequency produces greater results than traditional micro-needling treatments alone. The combination of micro-needling with radio frequency technology also means you can get the desired results with fewer treatments, as well as longer lasting results.

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